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Game Rules

We use OBHA rules with some house league rules added.

  • We play two 16 minute periods.

  • Teams start the game in the opposite end to their bench.

  • Games start on time with the 3 minute warm up.

  • After the warm up, the game starts with 6 players, (6 runners or 5 runners and 1 goalie).


  • Players can only play on the team that they are rostered to. An exception may be made by the President. Due to the importance of goalies, we may make an exception to goalies playing for other teams if needed but MUST be written on the game sheet and MUST have the letters AP (affiliated player) beside their name.


  • Ball must hit the floor and be played with the stick first or play is stopped and faceoff player is removed. Rule 57(a).

  • We have a floating blue line rule. Blue line is not used once the ball crosses the line.

  • Tape is allowed on sticks (no black tape on the blade), (house rule)( Rule 21(g)

  • Refs are NOT medically trained and not responsible to treat any injuries. Teams must attend to injuries.

  • Harassment of officials will be penalized harshly.


  • ALL players and goalies MUST wear CSA approved helmets with full facial protection and chin straps fastened within one finger from the chin. (NO string or tape for holding helmets on), CSA gloves, hockey or ball hockey with palms in good condition. Shin pads, covered with pants or socks.

  • Sticks MUST be ice hockey sticks in safe condition (NO cracks or splinters)

  • Soft elbow pads, soft knee pads and athletic supporter are recommended

  • ALL hard fiber pads (shin pads, elbow pads and goalie equipment) MUST be covered.

  • ALL players must wear uniform team colours with numbers on the back (NO taped numbers)

  • Goalies should also wear team matching colours.


All penalties are the same as OMHA / OWHA ice hockey rules except these few listed below.

  • Slice/golf shots (one hand or two, backhand or forehand) minor, major & GM or match & GM.

  • Slide checks, if player contact is made it’s a minor, major & GM or match & GM.

  • High sticking the ball above the shoulder is a face off in defensive end zone.

  • Head contact – Accidental is a minor.

  • Intentional is a double minor or major & GM or match. & GM.

  • Wrap arounds are a minor or major & GM.  (Interference or holding).

  • Free hand contact may be a minor or major & GM or match & GM. (call is Body contact, roughing, holding,)

  • Body checking is a minor or major & GM or match & GM.

  • NO slapshots above the waist, either in the windup or the follow through. NO penalty for the first offence. Unless contact is made with an opponent, Stop play and faceoff is in the defensive zone.

Double Minor Penalties  

  • Butt Ending attempt  (a butt end is a match penalty with a 5 game suspension)

  • Spearing

  • Head Butt

  • Head Contact (Intentional)

  • Fighting is a major & GM or match & GM and a minimum 5 game suspension for first fight and a year for second fight within a year of the first. Instigator and aggressor is an addition game suspension, each.

  • Accumulated penalties may lead to suspension. Repeat offenders will be suspended or removed from the league.

  • 3 penalties in one game is a game ejection. (Double minors are treated as one penalty toward 3 penalty ejection)

  • NO water bottles at the net. (Unless it’s a NO-SPILL bottle). Minor for delay of game to clean up water.

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