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2019 Ball Hockey Season


Welcome, all new and returning ball hockey players and families.

Our 2019 season is now getting started. We have received player registrations, coaches and two new TEAM sponsors as well as some returning sponsors. Thanks for your early interest. We are hoping for at least 16 teams this year and possibly more. We will have at least 4 teams in the Tyke, Novice, Atom, Peewee division. Our schedule is set now but may change a little due to registration numbers. You can find our schedule on the "SCHEDULE & STANDINGS" page.

This being our third season we hope to be even better than the previous two seasons. We have taken comments from people and have made a few changes.

Some of new changes are>

A) We created our own NEW stand alone website, separate from the OBHA site. Thanks to the hard work of one of our volunteer moms, Crystal Porteous. She has done a wonderful job. I still have a few things to learn about it so please be patient. If you see any issues please let us know so we can fix them. The website it still difficult to find since we are new and Goggle, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines because they don't consider us a huge interest. The more hits we get the quicker we will move up the search engine latter, hopefully to number one soon. I had to go to page three on yahoo to find us the other day. Once you get on our site I recommend saving it to your "Favorite" or "Bookmarks"

To find us easily go to the top Address bar where it says HTTP:// the type in That should take you straight to our site.

B) Online fillable registration form, hopefully this will make things easier for everyone.

It explains how to do this on the "REGISTRATION" page.

C) We have added one more game and three practices to our schedule. So this season you will get 13 games which includes the final playoff/awards/banquet day. Also 3 practices. The practice dates will be Saturday April 6, 13, 20. Teams will share the floor with another team. Tykes will start at 8am, than the Novices at 10am. Atoms at 12 than Peewees at 2pm. This may change if we get 6 teams in a division. The first practice will be based mostly on handing out the team jerseys, meeting the team and putting players in their preferred positions. Also meeting the coaches and team mates.

D) We have eliminated the friend request this season. We want everyone to make new friends, both players and parents. I truly feel that its a good thing to meet new people and players to play with different players. The only exceptions will be, for family members playing on the same team. Or extreme car pooling, eg: coming from Havelock or Lindsay, Cobourg etc.

As members of the OBHA we do NOT have zones, so players can play anywhere. We just had a player from Oshawa sign up.

E) We will be having a full day coaches meeting/clinic. The morning will be the meeting where we pass out the team lists and packages of important details. The afternoon will be a coaches clinic to help understand and give ideas about coaching. It will consist of > running effective practices, with some basic drills, human relations, (what works best for certain players), How do work with your bench staff, how to deal with parents and so much more. I suggest that anyone and everyone attend the full day. It will be beneficial to all coaches for ALL sports, not just ball hockey


-The players get to keep their jerseys.

-The canteen will be open again this season, thanks to George and Marion.

-Once again we are asking for 5 bench staff. One head coach and assistants and/or trainers. We would really like at least one trainer on the bench at all time. We want 5 staff so that we have at least 3 on the bench every game. One to open the forward door, one to open the defense door and a head coach to coach

-We would like conveners for each division. If interested look at our "VOLUNTEERS" page

We are still trying to get a good turn out to our PETES Family day offer. If we get 50+ than we will be able to set up a registration booth in the lobby. So PLEASE join in asap. I need to reserve tickets.


Millbrook January 26th 8 - 3

March 2nd 8 - 12

Kinsmen February 2nd 8 - 12

March 9th 8 - 12

Evinrude February 9th 8- 12

March 3rd 8 - 10

These are ALL morning times


There are a few different ways to register.

1) Download the form, fill it out than email it to us at

2) Download the form, fill it in than either mail it or drop it in my mail box at 302 Juliet Rd Peterborough K9H 1P8

3) Try to catch me at one of the registration booths

PLEASE do it soon, don't wait until April, it gets VERY busy for me plus I need to order jerseys, at least three weeks before season starts.

If you choose to send payment by way of e-transfer, PLEASE use our security question and response. Our question is "Which sport are we playing" Catherine our treasurer will email you back the answer but i think you can figure it out,


We want to thank Wildwood Cottages and Clarke Collision Repair for joining us as new sponsors this season. Please check out the sponsors page and give them your business if possible. They help us so please help them.

We will still need more sponsors.

We get donations from local businesses with coupons and gift certificates to put in the Player of the Game (POG) envelopes. If you know any business that would like to donate gift certificates and or coupons please let us know asap.

Thanks to everyone that used your National Sports coupons last year than using the bar code stub, we were able to start our goalie kit collection with a new stick and mask.

League Goalie Stick and Mask

Provincial Teams

We will send teams to Provincials again this season, so please indicate your interest in playing on the provincial asap. Also if you would like to coach or assist in coaching.

The Provincials for Tyke & Novice is in Belleville, the Atom & Peewee is in Kingston.

Hopefully next season 2020 I will bid on hosting here in Ptbo.


PLEASE adhere to the equipment rules.

They are listed on the "EQUIPMENT" page.

CSA approved Helmet & face protection.

CSA approved hockey gloves.

Ice hockey stick. NO plastic blade street hockey sticks.

Shin pads

GOALIES, you MUST have CSA approved mask and cage. Hockey gloves. Street hockey pads are ok as long as they are safe for the player and other players. Refs and President have to right to refuse unsafe equipment in the game.

Hope to hear from you soon


Guye Vondette


RIC/ Ref/ Supervisor/ Ref Instructor


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