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Getting closer

Our 2021 season is getting closer. Fingers crossed that we stay in Yellow zone and hopefully move to Green.

We now have 130+ registered for 2021 and getting at least 3 new sign ups every day. Teams and head coaching spots are filling in nicely.

We are not certain at this point how many players and coaches are allowed per team on the bench, and on the floor. This means I may have to reduce teams sizes.

We are constantly checking the updates and receiving information.

We WILL be following and adhering to ALL COVID rules, regulations and restrictions that the Provincial Health department and the arena's will have in place as of season start on April 3rd.

I will post all the protocol's by the middle of March here on my blog.

Everyone including our staff, refs, timekeepers, coaches, parents will NEED to fill out a waiver for the arena's. Its a one time waiver releasing them of any and all liabilities.

There will also be forms at the door that need to be filled out EVERY game by everyone entering the building. That includes all the staff as well.

Of course masks will be mandatory for everyone except players and refs on the bench and on the floor.


We have set up a new Squirt program, and Bantam division.

The Squirt program is a 10 week instructional program. No games just skill development.

It is open to 4,5, and less experienced 6 year olds. Born in 2015 - 2017. We will consider 3 year olds. If your 6 year old has hockey experience and wants to play only games and doesn't mind playing against 7 & 8 year olds than look at our Tyke division.

There is no more floor time available in Millbrook so we are using the Bewdly arena for the Squirts and Bantams on Mondays nights. The Squirts are on at 6pm and the Bantams will follow at 7 & 8pm.

The Bantam division is also new this year. I created it so that everyone that played last year can still play ball hockey for the PMBHL (obha) I will consider a few 17 year olds depending on skill levels.

ALL players get to keep their jerseys every year. This year we have changed to short sleeve jerseys. But still very good quality, Not cotton T-shirts. So if you want to wear elbow pads you will need to wear a long sleeve shirt under the team jersey. We are working on the goalie jersey as well.

We still hold the rights to the 2021 Tyke & Novice provincials but due to a few leagues in the Toronto arena not operating for the 2021 season there may not be enough teams available to have a successful tournament. This will be determined as time gets closer. I will be monitoring this closely.

Due to Millbrook possibly leaving the ice in until the end of April we may need to play all of April games in Bewdley. Council needs to decide that by the end of February.

There will also be a few nights through the spring that Millbrook was not available so I had to book Bewdley. It will be on the schedule'

We have created a much better schedule and standings page on the website that can be accessed from your phone,

PLEASE be careful when signing up. There is another league in Peterborough that operates from the GTA that came to Ptbo in 2020, took our name as is confusing people. Our league has a ball hockey player shooting a ball in the logo. There's is a fish holding a stick. They also have GTA in the website. Pass the word.

Any questions email me or call. If I don't answer leave a message or text me.

We still need a few more team sponsors.



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