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2021 Season

I am very confident that our 2021 season will happen.

More people are accepting the social distancing and being careful by wearing masks.

With the colder weather coming, less people are gathering in large groups outdoors and if they do they are wearing face protection to keep warm which in turn helps prevent the spread of COVID. Also we now have the long awaited vaccine.

In saying all that, be aware that "Early-Bird" rates end in 22 days. On Jan 1st we move to the regular rates for 2021. If you want to save a little bit of money get your registration in before December 31st midnight with your payment.

For those that rolled your registration into 2021 please fill out the 2021 online form so that I can add your son and/or daughter to a team. Also if you are planning to coach, get your name in before others do.

I want to welcome and thank our two new latest sponsors. Steve Mattless Landscaping and Todd Equipment. Please check out their website on our sponsors page.

If you know anyone that would like to sponsor a team please let me.

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