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Looks What's New

We have added two new members to our team. We are expanding so we need more help.

We have created separate emails for all the team, please find these on the "Contact" page.

We will be phasing out the email after the 2020 season. Please direct your emails to the specific members. You can CC other member if you want to.

We have changed our registration form so it works better for everyone.

Always check the age groups when signing up, they are different from ice hockey.

All the peewee's that played last season can play again in 2020. I have extended the age group to three years. Maybe next year I will look at creating a Bantam division.

We are hoping to have 6 tyke and 6 novice teams for 2020 so pass the word to friends and lets get signed up asap. Hopefully six in the atom and peewee as well but we barely had enough for these age groups last season.

We have created a survey, please fill it out and return it, hopefully all good comments, lol. I want to know how and where to improve our league. We are already one of the best in the OBHA. I was told that again at the AGM that we are the fastest growing and best organized. Thanks to all of you.

We will be playing in the new arena starting in 2020 due to the old arena having turf on the floor for lacrosse and soccer. Its a much bigger surface so be ready to run.

We will have a schedule on here but we will also have it done through our new google system so that you can check it on the fly from your phones.

I am happy and proud to say that with a lot of preparation and convincing we are bringing the Ontario Ball Hockey Association (OBHA) Tyke & Novice provincials to Peterborough in July 3,4,5 2020 for the first time ever. Its a huge event and we are expecting around 40 teams. That will be approximately 600 players, 1,200 parents, plus refs, OBHA staff and other family members such as grand parents aunts, uncles, siblings etc. That works out to approximately 2,000 people here for that weekend.

The OBHA runs the tournament but we the PMBHL will need volunteers to get ready and do numerous jobs before and during the tournament.

We want to organize a Tournament Committee asap so if you can and will help please contact me asap.

Players MUST be members of the OBHA to be involved in the Provincials, so sign up and play the 2020 season with the PMBHL and hopefully you get selected to make the team

Remember that the Provincials are the Best of the Best. This is NOT just a weekend tournament.

We will do tryouts for every team next season early in the season so teams can practice and get exhibition games. If we get enough maybe we can enter two teams in one or both age groups.

We will be looking for fundraising and sponsors.

We will offer High school community hours to students for their help especially as time keepers.

We hope to do fund raising through local restaurants by having our young people donate their time and efforts to working the restaurant for a few hours. Money will be donated to our tournament. Great experience for our young people learning to deal with the public.

We hope to create a separate web page devoted just to the 2020 Provincial tournament.

New for the PMBHL is "Rowans Law". Everyone MUST read and return a signed waiver that you have read and understand it. We will have an thorough explanation of it on the website.

New waivers MUST be signed in each separate league. Leagues do not pass them on to other leagues. So if you read and signed one for ice hockey, you have to do it again for ball hockey.

ALL coaches both assistant and head coaches MUST attend our PMBHL coaches meeting/clinic held by me before you can be involved with a team. The date will probably be March 21 2020

9 am until we finish, so plan the whole day. Trust me it will be worth it. I will provide a light lunch.

I will go over Rowan's Law as well as explain the policies and rules of the OBHA & PMBHL as well as many other things. We had to many issues last season. We have players not wanting to come back and I will NOT have them scared away. If you don't attend our clinic you will not coach. Even if you have been with us for years. Make plans to attend. You are responsible for a lot of young people and you are a role model as their coach. I want you to leave a good impression on them on behalf of the PMBHL. The clinic will include information that can be used to coach all sports and work place. Not just ball hockey.

We need one head coach and 4 assistant coaches for every team. We would like to have one of these medically trained. We want at least three coaches in the dressing rooms before and after the games and three on the bench every game.

ALL coaches MUST be rostered to the PMBHL and registered to the OBHA.

No coaching or trainers certificates are required but must be registered to the OBHA. We the PMBHL will pay your liability insurance once rostered to a team and approved by me.

We need at least 20 head coaches and 80 assistant coaches. If we can have a member with medical certification involved on every team would be great. If your interested please send me an email and have it indicated on your registration form.

Guye Vondette



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