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Over 50 signed up so far..

That's right, registrations are coming in at least 3 every day. We have over 50 signed up now for the 2020 season. One tyke and one novice teams already filled.

We need coaches, both head coaches and assistants. No certification needed. just indicate on the registration form when you register.

Sponsors also wanted. We expect 4 new teams so we need at least 4 new sponsors. We are sorry to lose Mortlock Construction, Imprinted Apparel, and Premier Windows for the 2020 season.

We have gained Banok Contracting, Lloyds Landscaping, Eggleton Aluminun, and a second team for Ricart Promotions.

We are also looking for businesses to donate "Player of the Game" coupons and or gift certificates that we hand out at every game to a player from each team. If you have questions contact me, Guye or our sponsorship coordinator Carol O'Brien.

We are having Celebrity Servers at Boston Pizza on Chemong Rd on Thursday Feb 27th. We need 12 helpers to help us, 4 each hour. Between 5 - 8, servers can stay for a second hour if they want.

We also want to fill the restaurant to raise money for our Provincials. So book your dinner night out there, than. Tell your friends. Schedule a team party. Book your reservations soon.

Our Tournament Chairman Brian Tisdale had to step away due to personal reasons. We are looking for more helpers to help with our Provincial Tournament Committee. I need someone to be the Chairman. Let me know asap.


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