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An impostor has moved into our area.

That's right, a ball hockey league that operates out of the GTA has decided to move into Peterborough and try to set up and run a youth ball hockey league here using OUR name. "Peterborough Minor Ball Hockey League". This is your first red flag. PLEASE make sure that you know which league you are signing up for before clicking the SEND button. We are locally founded, ran, sponsored and supported. We have been around for years now.

On their website it says " Ball Hockey has arrived in Peterborough" That IS correct, BUT we LOCAL Peterborough Minor Ball Hockey League, brought it to Ptbo years ago. Their message is trying to make you think that they are bringing it to Ptbo for the first time. They are NOT

The other league, or "trying" to be a league here in Ptbo is a member of the OBHF. We are affiliated with the OBHA.

What is the difference you ask. Well let me tell you some history. I will state ONLY the facts as they are documented and given to me by the President and Technical Director with the OBHA. I have attached the OBHA information directly from the OBHA website

I have been involved with the OBHA for over 12 years now. I was on the Board of Directors. I was the Chairman of the board for youth leagues for the province of Ontario. I was also on the executive for the PWBHA & the PMBHA both adult leagues here in Ptbo.


  1. Ontario enjoys a long association with the sport of ball hockey. Formed in 1974 by a relatively small group of ball hockey enthusiasts the Ontario Ball Hockey Association (OBHA) has brought Canada’s beloved game of street hockey indoors, to now offer the most comprehensive program in Canada. The OBHA is a registered non-profit organization officially recognized as the governing body of the sport in Ontario by the National Ball Hockey Association, International Street & Ball Hockey Federation, the Canadian Hockey Association and Sport Canada.


  1. The objective of the OBHA is to foster the growth of the sport. This has been accomplished through the development of programs, provision of member services, local, regional and national tournaments and its commitment to:

  1. to provide a fun safe recreational activity for all levels of competition from house league to elite programs

  2. creating and implementing leadership opportunities for officials, coaches, volunteers and administrators

  3. establishing standards of play and for quality of equipment to ensure good sport and safety for all participants

  4. to maintain, distribute and uphold the rules and regulations of ball hockey in Ontario


  1. As the grass roots essence of the great game of hockey, the sport of ball hockey, often called street hockey can easily be played by anyone in the world, regardless of socio-economic background. It is our belief that it can not only achieve national prominence, but international respect as well. Our goal is to strive for official status in the Canada Games and in future, the Olympic Games. With dedication and leadership, we will succeed in setting an example for the rest of the world, unifying our efforts into realizing our vision.


  1. The OBHA is governed on a day-to-day basis by its appointed Executive Director, and nine volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the member provincial associations. Provincial delegates represent their leagues at all general meetings and establish all rules and regulations governing the sport. These delegates are volunteers elected by the players and leagues within each province.


  1. Our member leagues operate in cities and towns offering teams the opportunity to interact with a wider variety of competition, resulting in greater enjoyment of their involvement in the sport. Local programs are enhanced by the products and services available through the OBHA.

  2. To be officially recognized as a member league, you must have a minimum of 4 teams. Each team must have no fewer than 12 players, but no more than 22. You must also follow the basic rules and regulations of the association, including the mandatory CSA helmet and hockey gloves rules. Our Men’s Division offers four levels of classification: A (elite), B, C and D. The Master’s Division is for men 30 years of age and over. Women’s Divisions typically offer four levels of play A (competitive) and B (house league) with Girls Under 18 and 14 levels. Minor programs range from 6 and up.

I hope this helps clear things up. Any further questions about this please contact me. BUT, don't you worry about this myself and our OBHA president and executive are well under way dealing with this. Just sign up for us on the registration page and "Lets have BALL"

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